Some Really Good News

Today was a good day. I got the results of the MRI of my liver, and it was confirmed that the spots are benign cysts. Then I had the long-awaited exam under anesthesia, and my surgeon seems optimistic that while the cancer did spread into my rectum from the polyp there (this was the first time he referred to the remaining cancer as a “tumor,” which was a little weird to hear), he thinks it will ultimately be removable such that I’ll need only a temporary — as opposed to permanent — colostomy bag.

Next up: another MRI, this one focused on the lymph nodes near the tumor, which apparently requires a special kind of imaging. Then there’s a meeting of the tumor board (here is a helpful Q&A if, like me, you didn’t realize this was a thing) to finalize the treatment plan, which obviously will include surgery to remove the tumor itself.

Not sure why they didn’t give me a fancy mask with the wire that bends around your nose so your glasses don’t fog. But otherwise the UH team was fantastic.

I was excited to write that personal update, but I’ve been even more excited to report back on the response I’ve gotten to my first few posts. Among the many amazing people who have reached out to send good vibes, no less than six have told me that the blog has inspired them to either have a weird symptom looked at or get a colonoscopy (in most cases due to family history). That’s exactly why I’m doing this.

Well, that’s all for tonight; short and sweet. But first, a big-time shout-out to the MVP of this whole ordeal, my incredible wife Alexis. She’s a million times tougher and more together than I am during normal situations, so you can imagine how superhuman she seems with all this going on.

And I guess Addie deserves a shout-out too, because when I got in the car after the exam, I said, “Addie, do you remember what Daddy had to do at the doctor today?” She replied, “Butt.”


  1. Morgan says:

    Yes! Great news brother. You will have this whipped in no time. Don’t worry about work, we got this. Take your time and focus on your healthy and your family. Having zero stress in your life right now is just about the most import thing you can focus on right now. You’re one of the most genuine human beings I’ve had the honor of knowing and this blog is so on brand for all you exhibit on a daily basis…helping others while fighting the ultimate fight yourself. I look forward to gigantic hug once ALL this bullshit is behind us. So much love to you, Alexis, and Addie.


    1. Morgan! Thanks so much man. You’re a next-level human yourself and the kind words and encouragement mean the world to us. Love to you and the girls as well!


  2. Steven Van Guilder says:

    This is so awesome of you to be sharing your story… and love the candor and directness to all your experiences. Guess what… I can relate to a lot of what you have shared.

    Glad to hear the direction this has taken for you.

    Loved your last comment on the response your lovely daughter Addie gave you… its all about the butt 👍

    Keep on rocking it!


    1. Thanks so much, Steve! Really appreciate that. Yeah, Addie doesn’t miss a beat, does she?


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