More Good News

Today I got the long-awaited results of the lymph node MRI: all looks good — what an incredible relief. After the tumor board meets on Wednesday, I’ll get my treatment plan on Thursday. When I spoke to my surgeon about the MRI results, he said he thinks it’s unlikely that chemo will come before the surgery, though that’s still a possibility.

I’m also continuing my parallel process at OSU this week, with a full slate of appointments Wednesday through Friday. I’m hoping that the two hospitals agree and recommend the same treatment plan — that would make it easy!

I think that’s all for tonight. Very grateful for the good news and ready to quiet my mind a bit. And eat a few cookies. (I had a very healthy meat-free dinner.)


  1. Sam says:

    Great to hear the medical report.These came just before your blog.Thought you’d like to see them. Keep up the good work and positive vibes.


    1. Thanks Sam! Both great articles. Thanks for sharing.


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